Energy Junkies
Designed for NEMO’s De Studio in Amsterdam, Energy Junkies is an interactive exhibition that focuses on our reliance on energy. The exhibition aims to highlight the role energy plays in our lives and how seemingly small habits have big consequences for the environment. 

Client Nemo Science Museum

Status Temporary

Size 660 m2

Year 2022

Location Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Production Fiction Factory 

A/V Shosho

Our role Art direction, Exhibition design, Graphic design 

Team Matteo Renna, Stefan Fahrngruber

Keeping the environment first in mind, we designed the exhibition to be carbon neutral, using waste and reusable materials like left-over fabrics, cardboard panels, scaffolding and shipping pallets. 

'Tunnel of temptation' as the centerpiece

Hands-on and analog-first, the exhibition aims to demonstrate our energy dependency and what it takes to power our every-day habits and gadgets.The highlight of the exhibition is the 12-meter-long, mirrored Tunnel of Temptation, which showcases all the devices in the NEMO collection designed to make life easier, seducing visitors into using energy. Soundscape and screens promoting energy consumption heightens the experience.

Interactive and personal exhibits

Upon exiting the tunnel visitors can select from 3 types of warning messages about the climate crisis: gentle, factual or urgent. A panic button plays a recording of the actress demonstrating a breathing exercise to help the viewer calm down. In the Climate Pharmacy, visitors are encouraged to find ways to counter climate change and select ‘pills’ to help heal the earth. A ‘consultation room,’ meanwhile, lets visitors check their energy habits against the recommended CO2 budget. Before leaving the exhibition, visitors are encouraged to draw their vision of what a healthier, energy-conscious future might look like.  

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