Ketelhuisplein DDW 23
The central square of Dutch Design Week (DDW) is a colourful installation that brings together sustainability, interaction, and activation on Eindhoven’s Ketelhuisplein square.

Client Dutch Design Foundation

Status Temporary

Size 8000 m2

Year 2023

Location Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Production DDF Team + MAST

Our role Creative direction, Spatial design, Graphic design

Team Matteo Renna, Stefan Fahrngruber

MAST designed the central hub of Dutch Design Week (DDW) immerses visitors in the festival’s thematic narratives, serving as an information point, meeting space, and bar.

Crate islands for meeting and relaxation
The blue tinted landscape is surrounded by colourful flags that refer to DDW’s storylines. The two seating islands in the corners of the square consist of more than 1.000 blue crates, playfully stacked to create a meandering surface area. Most of the crates serve as seating elements and are covered with panels made from recycled plastic. The outer row of crates is used for bamboo planting and lighting. Together, they create an intimate place to relax and to stimulate conversations and discussions between visitors.

Four portals reference DDW’s storylines
Surrounding the seating islands are four rectangular portals that symbolically guide visitors towards the DDW storylines. These ‘picture frames’ consist of scaffolding covered with printed, PVC-free material. Thanks to the graphic approach, the portals provide a photogenic backdrop for visitors.

Circular approach
The use of recycled and reusable materials is a key principle in the design approach. The crates that make up the seating islands for instance, have been rented and are easily detachable. The carpet is made from recycled material and will be reclaimed by the manufacturer after DDW 2023 ends.

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