Op de Kaart
Opening February 10th 2023 at the National Archives (Nationaal Archief) in The Hague, ‘Op De Kaart’ marks the record keeper’s first ever exhibition dedicated solely to the history and art of map making. 

Client National Archives

Status Temporary

Size 500 m2

Year 2023

Location Den Hague (Netherlands)

Production Heijmerink Wagemakers

AV Shosho, YIPP
Photo Alessandro Reginato
Our role
Art direction, Exhibition design, Graphic design, Campaign
Team Stefan Fahrngruber, Matteo Renna

Zooming in on three central themes: On The Road (Op Weg), Maps and Colonialism (Kaarten en Kolonialisme), and A Makeable Netherlands (Maakbaar Nederland), the exhibition showcases the unique personal, professional and historical perspectives that inform our understanding of maps.

With a collection of 300,000 maps and some 400 atlases and books, the Archives houses the largest collections of maps in the Netherlands. Guiding visitors through an interactive journey, the exhibition offers a unique window into the maps of the past and their continued importance to us in the present. 

As visitors make their way through the exhibition, which is itself a kind of map, they’re encouraged to interact with what they encounter. ‘Peepholes’ provide alternative ways of seeing while interview ‘terminals’ give real life insights into the role maps play for different people around the world today. The focal point of the exhibition, designed as an art piece, is a large-scale interactive cube that projects a collage of visitors’ collective thoughts and perspectives on maps.

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