Pink Gellac Stores
Originally a webshop, Pink Gellac opened its first brick-and-mortar boutique in 2021 with the arrival of its Westfield Mall location near The Hague, designed by MAST.


Status Temporary

Size 100 m2

Year 2022 - ongoing

Location Europe

Production To Build 

A/V First Impression

Our role Creative Direction,  Interior Design

Team Matteo Renna, Stefan Fahrngruber, Maite Margalho

Since working on the concept and design of their first flagship store, we’ve been trusted by Pink Gellac with the creation of the brand’s retail locations across Europe, with new stores opening soon.

Bridging the gap between online and offline, the boutiques aim to bring the vibrant world of Pink Gellac to life through carefully-considered design choices and materials. Glossy details and surfaces hint to the brand’s specialty (gel nail polish), while matte carpet accents add softness and contrast to the space. Colour is the main protagonist, bringing variety and a unique identity to the stores. Each location features a dynamic, custom light installation that gradually changes hue to showcase the brand’s extensive colour collection. Though each store is different, they all share a unifying and identifiable aesthetic. Together with the materials and colour choices, the signature light installations create a memorable in-store brand experience for shoppers.

Our designs for Pink Gellac where features in various Magazine.

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