The Ritual of Yozakura
MAST supported cosmetics brand Rituals with the launch of their limited edition 'The Ritual of Yozakura'.

Client Rituals Cosmetics

Status Temporary

Size 20 m2

Year 2024

Location Amsterdam, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Production Liganova

Our role Creative Direction

Team Matteo Renna

Collaborating on the creative direction, MAST contributed to the design of in-store installations and window displays in Amsterdam. The concept was inspired by spring and the Yoshino Cherry tree blossom, a primary ingredient in the fragrance lineup.

A design that complements the product line

The assignment included support for the creative direction of shop windows for the luxury department store De Bijenkorf and the House of Rituals, the brand’s flagship store. Additionally, the team enhanced the flagship store’s promotional area. The window displays and installations aim to evoke the sensation of a refreshing spring breeze, complementing the product line’s fragrance.

Fabric, lighting, and handcrafted paper flowers

The concept is put into practice through three design elements: fabric, lighting, and flowers. The fabric in the display windows consists of reflective, moving drapery suspended within the scene. The interplay of RGB lighting on the fabric brings the nocturnal ambience of the collection to life. The paper flowers are an eye-catching element in the installations: each of the 360 blossoms is meticulously handcrafted and detailed by paper artist Layla May Arthur.

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